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Mikuláš 2010
Mikuláš 2010

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13 od 14 ljudi prona??ao sljedeće peeglrd pomoći Not the best, but it is the cheapest., VeljaÄ?a 22, 2011Po Amazon Verified kupnju() Ovaj peeglrd je od: Cheapest for the amount given, so if you are trying to budget it's the way to go. I have tried 7 weight gain brands now and 9 flavors. It was a little hard to choke this one down, but possible for a half serving. I had to get the Vanilla and put in Strawberry syrup for the best taste I could gain and added calories.I would recommend Serious Mass if you buy a lot of weight gainers and are trying to budget as I am, and if you can stomach the taste (better than most others I tried). I have been spending too much to maintain an optimal weight (super high metabolic rate) so I needed to get the big bulk bag. With Orange Juice, the taste was cut a little and chocolate syrup was okay.Ukupni, I would recommend this of any if you can stomach it and need as much for the little cost as you can. I actually gained the most weight on BSN True Mass though, because I consumed it faster than anything else I tried due to having actually liked it. That was one I didn't mind drinking the shake at the end of a workout. I got the Cookies and cream vanilla one and put in Strawberry syrup for a couple hundred extra calories. I found I often skipped drinks with Serious Mass and other protein shakes due to lack of taste and desire to drink it. Sure weight gain for a lot is about who cares on taste bulk up now! Become hulk! . For me, it's about cost (I'm not rich here), and the desire to WANT to drink this not only at the end of a workout, but think of it as a treat before going to sleep as well. Hey, I'd rather reward myself than put myself down after I workout. Who wants a slap in the face after they worked hard and strained their body? I'd prefer the path of reward. So I'm like a puppy, I'm okay with that.In short, if you can spend a bit more, BSN True Mass if not and can choke

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